Welcome to Cornucopia Bakery, our boutique bakery of #carblove

What is cornucopia?

Ah, Cornucopia – the word sounds like a 1980s hair metal band or a particularly dystopian variety of corn. In reality, it’s a magical vessel of abundance that never runs out of tasty treats. A bottomless bag of chips, but classier. A piñata that’s always giving, without the risk of a wayward bat to the face. Cornucopia is the ultimate foodie dream come true – a horn-shaped vessel that pours forth an endless bounty of deliciousness. This is what we promise to provide. So come on down to Cornucopia and drink in the never-ending deliciousness! (Just don’t try to drink from the actual horn – that’s certainly not sanitary!)

Cornucopia Bakery Café Castle Cove  |  Cornucopia Bakery Naremburn
Cornucopia Bakery Café Castle Cove
Cornucopia Bakery Naremburn